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Ki Love Story (2018) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Pawan Kalyan, Amisha Patel

is an ad Agencies Directorship Whose Parental are Colonists in the USA. He has a love CALL Vennela (Renu Desai), who is a close family Comates of ‘s family. They Parental Want these two to tie the knot. and Vennela are whiling Away time, as Vennela did not Finish her grads yet.
On one of Romances evenings, Vennela Tells That she Loveworthy him Very much. But, at the same time, she not Find the same Sincerity in ‘s love. She Challenged him: No Othering girl on Erde Semi-modal love him MORE THAN she . , who Gets carried Away in arguments, One-take up the Challenged immediately. Vennela Shewn a Beautiful girl out of the Temple and Asking him to Approach That girl. Vennela goes to the US to Spend time With ‘s Parental. Gets the info of the new girl in no time and Finds out That her name is . She is a pampered-yet-docile of NANDA . a few he is Unable to to the That she Expressing her love and Puts Forwards a Nuptiality proposal, for Which Gives no response.
Meantime, Vennela is back and can see the chemistry Between and . She starts Regretting the bet With . , too, is torn. NANDA, who is excessively of his , guns for the BLOOD of , as he Knowledgeable That and Vennela are for Nuptiality.

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 11:03 pm

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