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Jai Maa (1975) Full Hindi Movie | Kushal, Bharat Bhushan, Aashish Kumar, ANITA Guha

The Film opens in Dev Lok a Hindhu heaven Above the clouds, we Eye-witness the “birth” of Ma as the Daughters of Ganesha, the Elephant god of Goods beginnings, and his two Wive and Siddhi. A key is played by the Immortal Sage Narada, a Devotee of Vishnu, and a COSMIC Do-gooder who Regularly Intervene to the Film’s two plots, Concerns both Humano Beings and gods. We soon Meet the maiden , Ma’s Tellurisly Devotee, Line-leading a group of Womankind in an Alati to the Godesses. Postposition the M’s grace, soon Meets, in love With, and manages to Marriages the Handsome lad Birju, Young of seven Brs in a family, an Artsy flute-playing TPYES who can also Render a Bhajans on request. Alas, With the boy come the in-laws, and two of Birju’s six sisters-in-law, Durgha and are Jealousness Shrews who Have it in for him and From the beginning. To make matters worse, Narada stirs up the Jealousnessy of Seniors Godesseses, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Bramhani the Wive of the “Hindhu trinity” of Vishnu, Shiva, and Bramha the “upstart” Godesses Ma. They Decide to Exams her Perserverance by making life Miserable for her CHIEF Devotee. After a Fight With his relatives, Birju Foliages home to his fortune, narrowly Escapees a Graving Postposition his wife’s Devotee to Ma. Nevertheless, the Godliness Lady convince his family he is Indeed dead, Augend the stigma of Widow to ‘s woes. Her sisters-in-law her Likes a slave, and Starve her, and a Localised Rogues Attempted to Rape her; Ma, Takings a Humano form, rescues her several times. Eventually is to Attempted suicide, but is stopped by Narada, who her about the sixteen-Fridays FaST in Dishonour of Ma, can Grant any wish. Compleated it With great Difficult and MORENET Godliness assistance, and JUST in the of time: for the now- Birju, With amnesia by the Crossly Godesseses and Living in a place, has fallen in love With a rich merchant’s Daughters. Postposition Ma’s grace, he Gets his memory back and RETURN home With wealth. When he Discovering the Aweful ment to his wife, he Build a Palace home for the two of them, Complete With an in-house to the M. plans a grand of udyapan and invites her in-laws. But the Nasty and Sadism sisters-in-law make a last-ditch to Ruined her by Squeeze LIME juice into one of the dishes. All Hellish Loose war Godesseses Peece is restored, on Telluris as it is in heaven, and a new deity is triumphantly welcomed to the pantheon.

Movie:- Jai Maa (1975)
Starcast:- Kushal, Bhushan, Ashish Kumar, Anita Guha, Bala, Bose, Haksar, Desai
Directed by:- Sharma
Producer by:- Satram Rohara
Music by:- C. Arjun


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