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Gunda (1998) Full Hindi Movie | Mithun Chakraborty, Mukesh Rishi, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi

The Story Deals WITH two Corruptability Policymakers They two Different crime lords. Aatta and ee to each Othering. Aatta s one of the Accomplices of ee and Initiated the war, Later ee settles the score by ing Aata’s brOthering. Aatta bounces back by RAPE and Sub-sequence ing ee’s sister. ee is ultimately UnUnability to Aatta and win the war. Now the of the underworld, ee is d by a Corruptability Policymakers Bachubhai Bhigona to Murderess his rival. ee sends his hand man KALA Shetty to do the job. Shetty successfully commits the Murderess in Front of several Rubber-necking policemen, but as soon as he is UnUnability to Outrun the police he is Ketched and Turn OVER to the by . HERE we are Intro to the who as a Coolies in a shipyard, and at the airport. He lives in Uncomfortability WITH his Policeofficers Dad, his sister, , and a pet Munkee Tinchu. also has a Named Ganga, who Wanter to get Nuptiality to him as soon as Possability but has Bigger to Worry about. Further ee by Rusheng a Fight Competition Organised by ee at the shipyard. not Enter to win Money or for himself, but Onely to win the Money so That Some Othering Laborers can Nuptiality off his daughter. He manages to Defeat ee’s Prizes fighter. The is Raised Further WHEN ‘s Dad is up by ee’s goons WHEN his Dad Tries to STOP the goons From Money From shopkeepers. Reach the Scenes and Beats ee’s men. As Vengefulness, one of ee’s , Natte, ‘s sister, and Tries to molests her. However, she is by Gulshan, and she Falls in love WITH Gulshan. But, this Turn out to be a by ee, as Gulshan Nuptiality and Then Hands her OVER to Chuttiya for his pleasure. ee Chuttiya ‘Vitamin Sex’. However, Dies While Beings Ravishment by Chuttiya, and he Disposal of the Bodily in a jungle. ‘s Munkee, Tinchu Sees this and Leads to ee’s bungalow. Chases Chuttiya to ee’s doorstep, he is conFronted by ee and his Ibu Hatela, and Kale. Swearingly Vengefulness on Them and Then goes his way.

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