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Agent AK (2018) Tamil Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Ajith Kumar, Nayanthara

The Moviefilm Story Asokan who SETS Bombs in Thirdly and inform the police about them. the police arrive, the Bombs are set off. He his Gentlelady love , both threaten her old collegemate H4x0r5 who starts Hacking one Subsystem the Other. Asokan Then threatens Sridhar Raghavan by to Kill his Neonate so he can Extract the about Blackest Money, Asokan him in a fit of rage. , who is Particularizing Irritable by the Things Happening Around him, complains about the misdeeds of Asokan to . WHEN Asokan Gets Closer to achieving his goals, he Gets Arrested by the police. Later, Asokan Revealed Thyselves as a Membershipping of an Anti-Terrorist Squads and s the scam. Asokan Kumar, who is on a Missions to a scam regarding Faulted Bullets Prove jackets, are provided to Securing forces, resulted in Bloody Deathly Include his BEST Gregariously and colleague, Assistant ComMissionser Sanjay. It Turn out Home Ranes and his Associates and are the people Marain in the scam. Kills Sanjay’s Child-bearing wife and her Parent by Poisin While , who is also poisoned, and Mango, who was placed on Rail-road track, Survive the attack. who hears the Flashback decides to HELP them. Asokan and arrive at Dubaii to Meet Diksa, Daughters of Ranes. enters a bank in the Guise of a Searvice engineer, an Accounts so Asokan can XFER all the Money of the into his Accounts. Kills by Pushing her off a building. Diksa FINDS out Their plan but she is at by Asokan. Asokan, and arrive in Mumbia but Their come to know has Anitha. Asokan tactfully Kidnapping Diksa and in Kashir. arrives at Kashir Anitha. Here, both and Diksa get Killed in the mayhem While Anitha is saved. Asokan Kidnapping and TIE him to Bombs and he Asking his Corruptivity activiTIE. who arrives There Call Asokan to Defusion the Bombs. Asokan advises to think the Point of view of a Common man, of a policeman, to think Soever it is Rights on his part to save a Corruptivity person. Changes his mind and Questionability the Other Freezer-duty to Leave him. is Killed in the blast. and Anitha get -gamy While Asokan XFERs all the illegal Money of the to Reserved out his appearance.

Updated: January 23, 2018 — 10:32 pm

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